5 Cities you have to visit before you die

Cities you have to visit before you die

We selected 5 cities you really need to visit before you die. They are all major world cities. If you like traveling or not, you can not die before seeing these places. So we hope you get inspired to start traveling again.

  1. Amsterdam

    With it beautiful canals the capital of The Netherlands is a must visit! Everyone speaks good english and is really friendly. You can also find the best parties in Europe in Amsterdam. This is the place the go, all year around!

    Amsterdam canal by night Amsterdam by night

  2. Barcelona

    Capital of Catalonia, Spain. You must have visited this city at least once in your life, maybe several times. This is the city of Gaudi. This one of a few cities with a beach (which was for a part man made for the Barcelona summer olympics in 1992)


    barcelona gaudi park
  3. New york city

    A must visit if you like big cities with modern architecture. New york was founded as new amsterdam and is nowadays one of the biggest cities in the world. Prepare forĀ a lot of iconic skyscrapers.

    new york city new york times square

  4. Rio de Janeiro

    City in Brazil with the iconic statue of jesus watching over the city. A must see!

    rio de janeiro rio de janeiro

  5. Vancouver

    Maybe not the first city you would think about, but Vancouver in Canada is certainly a must visit!

  6. vancouver bridge vancouver in winterAdd your favorite city in the comments below!

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