6 ways to travel without a lot of money

6 ways to travel without a lot of money

The number 1 thing you hear when you ask someone why they are not traveling is: “I have no money”. Off course you need some money, but don’t let no money stand in your way of traveling. There are a lot of ways you can travel really cheap, almost without money. I selected 10 ways to travel without money. Hopefully you will get inspiration from this. Don’t hesitate to show this article to a friend who is always complaining he or she has no money to travel.

1. Work while traveling

You don’t have enough money at forehand? Why not do the work at the place you want to travel to. Spend the first time of your trip working while you can spend it for your travels after. If you do it right you even save some money to take home after.

So I hear you wondering, what kind of job can I do? Well maybe one of these:

  • Hostel worker
  • Bartender
  • Au pair
  • Tour guide
  • Waitress/Waiter
  • Farm worker
  • Dive instructor
  • Cruise ship worker
  • Casino worker
  • Seasonal worker at ski resorts

2. Hitchhike

Another great way to save money is to hitchhike. Not only to go to your destination but also to move around when you are at your travel destination. But is it safe? Well in most parts of the world it is! and you also meet a lot of interesting people.

3. Couch surfing

A hostel is cheap, but a better way to have a place to sleep is to go couch surfing. Just search for it online and you will find a lot of people who let you sleep at their place. Sometimes you get just a couch but if you’re lucky you will get a nice bed to sleep in. That’s the fun about couch surfing, you’ll never know what to expect. And you will also meet a lot of interesting people.

4. Free walking tours

Off course you can find a lot of payed tours to do. But in a lot of major cities there are free walking tours you can do. Just go to a local tourist information office and they can tell you all about it.

5. Start a blog/vlog

Yes, it’s hard to make money with it but at least you can try! And if you don’t make money from it you can look back at those beautiful memories you make! I made some vlogs of my travels in Japan, you can watch them here!

6. Cook your own meals

Eating out is expensive. Especially when you have to do it everyday. Be smart instead and get some groceries at the local store. If you couch surf you can ask to cook in the kitchen. If you’re staying in a hostel you can cook at the kitchen they have.

So hopefully these tips will help you a bit with planning your next travel. If you have tips please post them in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this article with that friend who is always complaining he/she can’t travel because they have no money.

Olaf Lemmens

Olaf Lemmens

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