Single mom misses class

When you’re a single mom and have the raise a kid going to school is hard. Especially when you can’t relate on childcare. The 21-year-old university student and single mom Morgan King experienced it. But when she explained herself to her professor why she missed her class, the response was wonderful.

She studies Therapeutic Recreation at the University of Tennessee. She is the proud mom of Korbyn. She also works at night in a restaurant to support her child. When she missed an important class because she had to look after her daughter she wrote an email to her professor. The reply of him was heartwarming and she shared it on Twitter.

Not only she but also the rest of the internet thought this was so sweet. Dr. Sally B. Hunter, the professor in question, became a sensation. Gathering 26000 likes and 5000 shares. Read the touching email below.

The professor’s response

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“We all need people around us, people supporting us. Nobody can do this journey by themselves,” Hunter told a local TV station

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